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On-Demand Leasing Can Solve the Driver Shortage

A new app allows logistics providers to book truck drivers directly. Justin Clarke, CEO of F|Staff, explains how it works. A finalist in the 2019 Supply Chain Innovation Awards competition.

SCB: What was the genesis of this idea? And what was the challenge that you faced in developing it?

Clarke: I’ve been trying to solve this problem for 18 years, working with carriers and truck drivers to figure out what it takes to match them together. A lot of variables come into play. The genesis was that on-demand and marketplace technologies are taking off, but nobody in our industry was solving the problem of a motor carrier needing to find a truck driver right now. We wanted to provide that environment for our customers.

SCB: Is it similar to what we’ve seen with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft?

Clarke: This gives you a little more control. Unlike Uber and Lyft, where you’re asking for a driver and a vehicle to come pick you up, the app only calls out for a driver. The driver’s coming to drive your vehicle. It’s a driver-centric solution, so drivers can find the work that they’re looking for, and don’t have to have a truck to do the job.

SCB: You’re drawing from a limited pool of vetted drivers?

Clarke: Correct. For 18 years we’ve done this kind of work for our clients. We pre-vet and pre-screen every truck driver that makes it to the marketplace, the same as if we were staffing in the traditional way. It’s really no different in the way we do it on the compliance side. We just make the employees and carriers able to see each other more regularly, and communicate more freely.

Read more of Justin’s interview below or watch the interview above.

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