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CEO F|Staff

Justin M. ClarkeAbout

CEO F|Staff

Justin Clarke is the co-founder and CEO of F|Staff, formerly
Contracted Driver Services, an on-demand truck driver staffing
company. Justin continues to mold himself as a trusted leader in the
Staffing Industry and remains passionate about helping people find
quality and meaningful work.


In life, Justin follows one primary motto: BEE KIND TO OTHERS.

Following the loss of Justin’s identical twin brother, Justin co-
founded a new charity dedicated to Kindness. The Honey Foundation
provides Kindness Education Programs to K-12 students here in
Arizona and across the United States in an effort to improve positive
behaviors at school, and reduce negative traits, like bullying.

Trusted Leader & Speaker

Justin continues to mold himself as a trusted leader in the Staffing World and has a proven track record that continues to produce results for his customers.

Driving Staffing Solutions

F|STAFF makes filling job orders simple, fast and crazy efficient for carriers. Drivers have complete freedom over their schedules.

Spreading Kindness

Justin thrives to touch as many lives possible with his products and services – in a positive and meaningful way.

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