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F|Staff: Real Jobs, Real Solutions

Time and time again prospective drivers reach out to us with one burning question: “Are you real?”

Let’s start with the short answer: yes!

The longer answer:

F|Staff has two decades of experience connecting drivers to opportunities. As Contracted Drivers Services, we helped thousands of people build a truck driving career they could be proud of. Yet in 2009 we realized that, for all our successes, we were struggling with our own inefficiencies and were becoming overwhelmed by the sea of clipboards, photocopies, and boxes of timesheets and invoices. But, rather than despair, we saw an opportunity: evolve with the rapid technology landscape and rethink our way of working. We created Forward Staffing, a web-based interface that housed our driver requests, and saw an incredible shift in our day-to-day efficiency. It worked great for our business, yet it made us wonder how we could utilize this better data management to help drivers get the most out of their experiences as well.

By leveraging improvements in technology, we saw our chance to accelerate and streamline staffing so that truck drivers could work every available hour of service, carriers could move every pallet of freight, and we, the staffing agency, didn’t serve as a barrier to that process. How? With a F|Staff: a simple, on-demand driver leasing phone app. F|Staff allows carriers to post jobs in seconds and fill them within minutes. Every job posted is sent to every available qualified truck driver in the area, based on the carrier’s specifications. Drivers respond, the order is filled, and trucks move. It’s that easy.

Let’s be clear though: we are not a job board. F|Staff pre-screens and employs all of our drivers who are then held to high qualification, safety, and code-of-conduct standards, providing carriers peace-of-mind. As for drivers, F|Staff is always free, available 24/7, and allows each individual to set their own schedule. At F|Staff, we know our drivers’ time is precious whether at home or on the road. Let us help you build a truck driving career that meets your needs. Click here to get started today.

Are you a carrier interested in working with F|Staff? We’ll make filling job orders simple, fast and crazy efficient. Click here to learn more and calculate your rates.

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