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Are You Ready For Things To Go Back To The Way They Were?

During the last year and half, millions of consumers have come to rely on delivery services more than ever. When it was unsafe to leave our homes, truckers became a more fundamental lifeline to us and our livelihoods by making sure essentials were available. They made it possible for businesses to keep up with the increased demands of their customers during unprecedented times, and did not falter in the face of shortages and safety concerns.

But as areas around the nation open back up, experts are asking: do consumers expect to go back to the way it was before?

A recent survey by Omnitracs showed that consumers not only felt that delivery services played an important role in keeping them and their loved ones virus-free, they also provided them with a level of convenience that they have grown accustomed to and largely hope to see continue. In fact, 47% of respondents said that they anticipate continuing pandemic-driven shopping habits and rely heavily on deliveries to receive their goods. Additionally, consumers largely stated (65% of respondents) that they are willing to pay more for faster delivery, which means timely, reliable shipments are crucial for suppliers to keep up with competitors.

However, with the current driver shortage, carriers may find themselves unable to meet the heightened demands of their clients. So how can your company match the momentum of these trends? By investing in dispatch and routing solutions that allow you to optimize for increased movement of freight.

That’s where F|Staff comes in.

F|Staff means finding truck drivers, fast. Simply register, create your route, set your rate, and find qualified truck drivers for whatever you need transporting. You can breathe easy knowing that all F|Staff drivers are thoroughly vetted, certified, and have passed a background screening and drug test. Our geofenced searches find you drivers close by that are available immediately, then the app allows you to stay in contact with the driver and monitor the delivery process right from your phone. It’s so easy!

Teaming with F|Staff sets carriers up for success in the demanding market ahead. Never miss a deadline with our dedicated pool of truck drivers, and super efficient app. Are you ready to get started? Click here to start building your company profile and calculating rates!

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